Rich services and products palette

Free responsive/adaptive design web site

Our customers receive a free web site, based on our free HTML 5 bootstrap templates. Analytics and AdSense inclusive.

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Mobile solutions, for every platform

Mobile Apps and Games for every platform. LibGDX based solutions.

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Analytics, many alternatives

All the statistics for your web site or mobile App (google analytics or big data solutions). SEO, analysis and consulting.

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Cloud solutions

Open Shift, Herocu, Python anywhere, etc. Cloud server solutions taylored exactly for your needs. High availability and scalability on demand.

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Big Data solutions

Mongo DB, Elastic search, Neo4j, etc. NoSql databases, analytical tools - Kibana, Graylog, Logstash, Beats. Setup and analysis of huge amounts of heterogeneous data.

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Google AdSense/AdWords consulting

Consulting by google registration or direct analysis.

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